Putting lead in my pencil

A funny thing happened to me just now. I had to go over to the stationer’s to buy some lead refills for my correcting pencil, and on the way over – it’s all of a 1-minute walk from the office – I got beckoned at by a man. He asked somewhat embarrassedly whether I knew what the parking permit situation was in that area. I said I had no idea, but we carried on talking.

Nice chap, originally from Montpellier but long since in Germany. For some reason he thought I was Swabian, which I guess I should really take as a compliment. Anyway, at the end of the conversation he rather shyly invited me for coffee, and when I said I had to return to work, he asked me for my number. I didn’t actually give it to him, not because he didn’t seem OK but because I’m quite cautious about stuff like that, a carpark is a bit of a weird place for that kind of transaction, plus I am not in a fit state to contemplate anything even vaguely date-like right now.

But anyway…

It was really nice to have someone show some kind of romantic interest, and a wonderful change from the barrage of ego-crushing experiences that has been occupying my thoughts way too much recently.


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9 responses to “Putting lead in my pencil

  1. aj

    and we all know how well the French and the British get on, don’t we? 😀

  2. Kelly

    Putting lead in your pencil is a euphemism for something here in the states. 😉

  3. Same here, Kelly, though I know a few people who use it fairly innocently for “give you strength”. I just loved the irony of what I went to buy and what happened because of it… 🙂

  4. Kelly

    Interestingly, we’d also say “Get the lead out!” But it means more along the lines of hurrying up in doing something. Doesn’t seem at all related to putting lead in your pencil.
    English is very weird indeed.

  5. jasonconga

    if not a car park, then where?

  6. Lee

    Even if you’re not ready for something like that, it is a real boost when that happens, isn’t it? Makes ya smile.

  7. Hubert K

    If you like the guy, give him an e-mail address. Less risky than a phone number.

  8. Xeni

    Ah the french… I also got approached by one once and I went to have coffee with him and it was an adventure I don’t want to miss. 😉 For situations like this I agree with Hubert K, always have a rather anonymous email address ready that you can hand out, you’ll never know… ;D

  9. Nielsson

    Frauen haben halt immer Glück. Die Männer kommen freiwillig. Und manchmal sind sogar Franzosen dabei… 🙂

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