Illiterature_bearbeitet-1Love it or (more often) hate it, poorly formulated and mindnumbingly trivial quizzes are an everyday feature of the Facebook world. This particular description of someone’s quiz result, I think, really takes the biscuit.

I just love the way it on the one hand purports to shed light on literary talent while suggesting that attention to grammatical correctness is as socially acceptable as B.O. Plus who the Dickenson is that author it mentions?

Whoever came up with this should be the very last person to be laughing about it, wright?



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3 responses to “Illiterature

  1. Emily Dickinson is the lady who wrote all her poems so they could be sung to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas”.

  2. coolcat sent me. I need someone to proofread an english translation. could you help out?

  3. squonky

    Whoever is responsible shouldn’t have bothered to climb out of their “tent”.

    Somewhat related, have you listened to this : ?

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