Need something cattle-itic…

How many months has it been? Four since my last entry. Lots has been happening, a lot of stuff that’s kept me away from the computer – those of you who know me on Twitter especially might have noticed I’ve been a lot scarcer since the beginning of the year. Nothing bad has happened – in fact I’ve been having a grand time offline and intend to carry on doing so – but I’ve been neglecting my creativity a bit and it’s beginning to niggle me slightly.

Having talked to some friends who find themselves in a similar situation and who have come up with a range of ideas for new challenges, ranging from a picture a day, through imposing artistic restrictions on their work, to expressing themselves through a medium they don’t so often use, I’ve decided to blog something every day for the month of April. Each day I’ll post a picture that bears some relationship to something I’ve been doing, and a brief ramble, report or reflection on a topic that is at least vaguely related to the same.

Today’s picture is of a cross-stitch pattern I did at the weekend – no masterpiece, but I don’t often do needlework, let alone complete a needlework project. As a result I was really quite pleased to have got this little 5x5cm square completed without making any mistakes – yay! OK, it was a kit, so null points for originality, but it was a start at least…



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4 responses to “Need something cattle-itic…

  1. squonky

    Yay! A “post a day” is a grand idea. You can pull lots of different interests together into a blog entry.

    I do hope no blood was spilled in the creation of “Cattle-Itic”, and I hope I don’t spill too much with my proposed 365 *winces*.

    I look forward to reading each day’s instalment… Now, where’s my camera….?

  2. Post a day is marvellous plan. Look fwd to it.

  3. 2010photography

    Cool post. I look forward to reading more.
    btw the Highland cow is my fav type. 🙂
    Will you be Framing the him?

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement 🙂

    Mark – the cross stitch kit was to make a fridge magnet: the finished square was trimmed and put in a clear plastic mount. It is now attached to my bathroom radiator (my fridge having a cupboard front rather than a metal one).

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