Back in the saddle

As some of you will already know from Facebook or Twitter, I have a new bike – my first racing bike. It’s been built for me, or rather it’s been built up on the basis of a classic Peugeot ladies’ frame, cleaning up and recycling some of the other parts from the original bike and replacing others with newer, more attractive and/or more efficient components. I particularly like the Brooks leather saddle and handlebar grips, which have a wonderfully classic retro feel to them (and the saddle is surprisingly comfortable, contrary to my original expectations).

I have a very good Stevens “regular” road bike that I’ve been using up until now for all purposes, but I had been promised that the lighter load of the racing bike together with much thinner tyres would make a huge difference in terms of effort and speed. I went out for the first proper test run on Wednesday this week and another one yesterday, and sure enough, it’s a dream to ride – I’ve even started to relish hills!

I’m not interested in competitive cycling and it’s certainly not my aim always to get from A to B as fast as is humanly possible on two wheels, but I’m REALLY looking forward to the better weather and exploring more of the fabulous countryside around here and further afield.



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8 responses to “Back in the saddle

  1. Ray Medina

    That is awesome!!! I’m not competetive either, but I love been comfortable ona good bike! Congrats and hope you enjoy your long rides!

  2. 2010photography

    That’s a wicked looking bike Bexxi

  3. Sven

    Hey Bexxi, great looking bike. Have you noticed that you’ve placed the bike in this shot so that it matches the arc of the water? the spring water follows the front tyre on it’s way up and follows the frame on the way down to where it ends up in the water. =)

  4. squonky

    Wow – lovely looking bike you have there. Very sleek and I do like the “retro” look of the parts you mentioned.

    I think I mentioned somewhere along the line that I was thinking about getting back into cycling myself. I used to get everywhere by bike – back before I got my first car. I always had racing bikes with drop handlebars and yes, the thinner tyres make such a difference. I experienced that the other way around though, I was used to the thin tyres of racers and then when I landed up with a “mountain bike” with fat tyres I hated the “drag” effect. It was a mistake for me to buy a mountain bike, I had no intention of going up any mountain trails on it. They were just “the thing” at the time I guess.

    I’m currently pondering whether I would be better off going with rim brakes (like you have) or disc brakes. I’m also wondering what choice I might have when it comes to gears and gearing. A lot of bikes I’ve seen over the last 10 years seem to have so darn many gears, and I remember I used to get on just fine with the 5 I used to have on my old racers.

  5. squonky

    Oops – just remembered one other thing! Have you gone for standard tyres and tubes or any of the puncture resistant varieties? Something which interests me as I bloomin’ hate punctures and I’m wondering which way to go when I get mine.

  6. Thanks for the responses, everyone!

    Chris – I will have to ask my resident bike designer what exactly he went for. I’m a little ashamed to say that I have not taken as much interest in the technical aspects as you might expect but have simply trusted his judgement as it’s never been wrong.

    • squonky

      No problem Bexxi. I was just curious and especially as I will hopefully be making a purchase soon myself. I have a colleague who cycles into work during the “better months” of the year and I was talking to him about these puncture resistant tyres. He told me that he had them fitted to his current bike when it was ordered – and on the second day commuting into the office he had a puncture.

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