Blossoming ideas

Every year I tell myself I should live more with the seasons, make more of them while they are there. Photography can help with this – it was only when I started taking photos regularly that I really started to notice the subtler changes that go on over short as well as longer periods in nature. The fact that not all trees blossom at once in spring, or how long autumn leaves retain their vivid colours once they have fallen from the trees (and the trees themselves look wintry while the forest floor is still ablaze).

Capturing the transience of cherry blossoms in an image isn’t enough, though, even though it’s a good start and is so much better than missing that brief period of days or weeks altogether as a result of spending too much time in front of the computer. You need to live the seasons, savour them with all your senses. I’m sure I feel more contented when I allow my body and mind to process them, to go with them.

I’ve said this before and have had varying degrees of success with putting it into practice long term, but I’m going to make MUCH more of an effort to go to the market rather than always just the supermarket to get my fruit, veg and other foodstuffs. It’s all very well feeling pleased that Aldi have mangoes or blueberries on special offer this week, but – well publicized environmental and ethical objections aside – what does nature have on offer? What’s growing on the trees, on the farmland and in the market gardens around here, and what can you make out of it?

If I had a garden or allotment, I’d grow my own. With a fantastic daily market held not more than 200m from here, though, where local produce and independent producers have the upper hand, I think I’m pretty well served as it is. In fact, I feel pretty ashamed for not having made it my first port of call more often in the past.

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  1. Ilse

    Just rediscovered your blog (after a chance discovery that wordpress-blogs are once again accessible despite the great firewall) and enjoyed reading through your posts.

    This one however made me realise once more that I actually do miss the ‘real’ seasons back home. It’s fun to have a hot, rainy season and a cold, dry one, but I miss real winters, even just to be able to curl up next to the fire, hot cocoa and a good book at hand.

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