Argh – missed a day!

Oh dear – I’ve managed to break my resolution already 😦

In my defence, I was out all day yesterday on a cycle tour and arrived home capable of little more than shower + pizza + film + bed. However, I did get some good photos, so I will include a couple in today’s “proper” post, which I will put together later.

I will also respond to your comments on previous posts – it’s been lovely to receive them!



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3 responses to “Argh – missed a day!

  1. 2010photography

    Not to worry :- )

    If you read the about of my 365 it says something along the lines of ‘Although I may not be able to post once a day, I shall take a photo a day and post when possible.’

    The way I look at it; it is the content that is the most important thing to me. The creativity part of my work. Sometimes my life/works places me in locations it is physically impossible to post from hence the get out clause above.
    If you look very closely I did miss one day by a good few minutes 😉
    I’m really enjoying reading your posts

    All the Best


    • Thank you, Mark! I agree that it’s not the beating yourself about the head that’s the point, but pushing ahead as well you can.

      I think I’m more likely, if anything, to take several pictures on a single day and then spin them out over a few days’ posts. I think going out with the camera AND posting a text-type entry every day would defeat me very quickly.

      P.S: I have added a link to yours and Squonk’s 365 projects in my sidebar and will try to remember to mention them in one of my next posts.

  2. squonky

    Hey, thanks for the link Bexxi. I came so close to missing my midnight deadline for a photo for 6th April that I can completely understand (humm, same day as your missed day oddly enough). You’re doing great and I’m enjoying reading and commenting. I think it’s a much more challenging task to write something meaningful every day than it is to take a photo. Keep it up :^)

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