Obsessive-compulsive (dis)order(liness)

Many of us have mild, relatively harmless forms of compulsive behaviour. Mine tend to manifest themselves in the context of colour, shape and / or geometry, very visual things. Maybe photography is a suitable outlet in that case.

At university I went through a phase that lasted up to a year or so when I always wore socks that were the same colour as the T-shirt or other top I was wearing. Or if you’ve ever been to the pub with me, you might have noticed me fiddling with my glass to get it absolutely centred on the beermat.

My latest tic is putting my washing on the airer in rainbow order of colour. I am pleased (and anxious) to add that this is not something I waste time on if I don’t have time to spare, but it’s very pleasing to the eye when it does work out. Today – don’t laugh – it looked downright gorgeous, so I took some pictures to show the world how artistic laundry can be. I also took inspiration from a shot that Peter posted on Flickr recently.

Note: Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a serious condition that can make people’s lives utterly miserable – whether the sufferers themselves or those around them. Nothing in this post is intended to make light of that condition – I’m sure most of us know someone whose life is negatively affected by it.


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4 responses to “Obsessive-compulsive (dis)order(liness)

  1. 2010photography

    Wow! I wish my washing looked like a work of Art.
    A terrific image Bexxi.

  2. Sven

    Hmm, I’ve been at the pub (of sort) with you, never noticed you having to put the beer glass mid center of the beermat, all I can remmber was that you kept it close to you mouth so you could swiftly empty it and order a new one *evil smile*
    pic looks really wonderful.

  3. Not weird, looks gorgeous!
    Finding beauty in little things is something too many people don’t find time to do.

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