Today I was mainly…

…up a mountain in the Black Forest (above Oberried, to be precise). There are great places you can go rock climbing there, and four of us who have normally been going to the climbing hall on Saturdays during the winter decided to go out there for a change.

It’s a different experience climbing out in the wild, so to speak. Seems a lot more worthwhile, and even the pauses when it’s not your turn to climb are fun as you can just enjoy the scenery.

Too tired to write any more today, but it was a fantastic day out.

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  1. squonky

    “Up a mountain in the Black Forest” sounds like such a great place to be :^) However, I would have to stick to the footpaths and goat trails. As I think I commented elsewhere, my heart would love to do this. I know that I would find something deeply satisfying in pitting myself against nature and finding the toe holes and ledges to work my way steadily up (or down I suppose!). I would also love the views. But by head starts to do weird things to me once I’m above a couple of feet off the ground. I’m fine in a plane, I’m fine if I’m stood somewhere high up and fenced – that makes me feel secure. Maybe the rope would make me feel secure? The problem is that the only way to find out is to try it. Humm, you only live once I guess – maybe I should :^)

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