Recently I have posted about bikes and the problems I have with taking pictures of whole objects. The two are closely related.

The main problems I’ve had when I’ve wanted to or been asked to take pictures of a bike are (1.) having to deal with less than ideal backgrounds (clutter and distractions, whether indoors or out) and (2.) getting the actual bike sharp in focus – I think something is slightly out of kilter with my autofocus, my lens or (just as likely) my ability to focus on the thin lines of the frame when obviously you have to take a picture of a whole bike from something of a distance to get it all in (another reason why I prefer detail pictures).

Today I went out with the express purpose of finding some better backgrounds against which to take some pictures of this gorgeous Giani Motta racing bike. The picture at the top turned out to be my favourite – the background is part of the hoarding around a building site, showing an architect’s model of how the finished “product” will look. I really liked the slightly disorientating effect of the juxtaposition of real and imaginary in a context that almost looks realistic but is visibly not quite so. The slightly bluish colour cast on the hoarding picture contrasted with the more natural tones of the foreground adds to this, I think.

What I was looking for originally was a simple bit of wall that would offer minimal distraction from the main subject. There were plenty of walls to be had, but it’s surprising what hazards abound in such contexts: wonky wall lines, straight wall lines but sloping ground, weeds, litter, cracks, you name it. The best wall I found was in the end this rather “imperfect” one shown below, with its graffiti and dead bits of creeper. I came to the conclusion that sometimes the search for perfection is futile.


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  1. squonky

    Hang on… how many bikes have you got? :^) That looks more like the sort of thing I used to ride (only mine was yellow) – drop handlebars FTW!

    The shot taken against the building site hoarding really threw me for a while. I thought I was looking at a real building.

    I think my favourite of the two is the concrete wall though. I like the bike in the context of the graffiti. Gives some kind of “urban road warrior” feel to the shot for me. The red and the blue works well too. The “creepers” maybe less so. But as you say, and as I very much found for myself today – “perfection” can be an elusive beast!

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