It was a pretty tiring day at work, with lots of small frustrations that were, individually, not really that problematic but which have, collectively, continued to occupy me late into the evening. Grr!

I’m lucky, though, and when I read about other things that have been going on in my circle of friends and acquaintances today, I realize how small these niggles are and how I have a bad habit of letting them consume me.

Now it’s time for some relaxing TV before bed. No picture for today, I’m afraid – please all just imagine the most calming shapes you can against a background of your favourite colour 🙂


Filed under Up close and personal

2 responses to “Urgh!

  1. 2010photography

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a strenuous day.
    Wow those swirling shapes are cool! 😉

  2. squonky

    Lots of curvy lines against a deep purple background…

    Rest up, relax and enjoy the TV. Maybe I should go do the same for a while.

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