Oh dear, I seem to have missed almost a whole week of posting here. I’m not going to gnash my teeth and feel too guilty, though – it’s been a horrendously busy week and I’m just pleased to have reached the end of it still standing.

The semester began and brought a larger than usual flood of last-minute e-mails, phone calls and door knocks from desperate students wanting into this, that or the other class (and not even just my classes, either), and on top of that, I picked up a cold that has not impacted on my work particularly but has left me feeling rather drained.

In somewhat lesser concerns, I was feeling a little sad that the tulip season seemed to be drawing to an end – I’ve managed to have fresh tulips in the flat constantly since the beginning of their availability in the shops in early spring and seem to have gone through the entire palette of colours. However, today there were gerberas, a type of flower whose shape seems to take us so much closer to summer. I now have a yellow bunch on the living room window sill (as pictured) and a vase of gorgeous burnt orange ones in my orange and green hideyhole-cum-work-area upstairs (I must take some pictures of those tomorrow when daylight is back).

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  1. squonky

    Glad to hear you’re not beating yourself up over missing a few days, and good to see you back :^)

    Beautiful flower, and a lovely photo of it. You’ve done a great job of capturing all the shades of orange and yellow and the background is well selected – nice “chevron” pattern in the leaf (?) which sprouts mid frame and vanishes off to the top left.

    While you’re taking photos of the flowers in your hideyhole, how about a more general view of the hideyhole too? Maybe you could incorporate the flowers into that. You know, I would really like some flowers in my den here – something to brighten the little room up and bring some nature indoors. I’ve always been so bad at keeping house plants though.

    I think one of my project 365 shots will have to be a photo of my den at some point – that point being after I’ve done even more tidying up in here.

    Humm, I need to see if I can sleep now. Rather a long day at the office. Night night :^)

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