December 5 – Let Go

What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

Not just one thing, but several…

1. I no longer necessarily spend all of every weekday (and much of every weekday evening) in the office. Sure, there are still days when it’s unavoidable to be there for twelve hours, but I’ve discovered the advantages of working at home whenever possible. It’s quiet, I don’t get interrupted, and fetching myself something to eat or drink is quicker, cheaper and in most cases healthier. Home is an oasis of calm and warmth rather than the lonely, echoey place it used to be.

2. I have stopped doing every crossword I can get my hands on. I still enjoy them if and when I have the time, but there is much more to be enjoyed in life, and I suppose I have moved over to doing more with other people.

3. I have also stopped avoiding butter. It’s pointless to skimp on butter and then pig out on cheese etc. instead. And an honest piece of fresh bread and lightly salted butter is awfully hard to beat in the taste stakes.

4. I have let go of my fear of hosting gatherings and dinner parties. I used to get too uptight about it to enjoy it, and was convinced I’d put on a bad show, but I have (re-)learned the value of sharing good food and drink with friends and have relaxed in other ways as well. Yes, some coercion was initially involved in persuading me to open up on this, but I’ve had no regrets whatsoever.


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