December 9 – Party

What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Big, noisy parties don’t rock my socks off any more (does anyone actually say that??). I think what really was a fantastic gathering on all levels was a barbecue in the woods over the summer. Just four of us – two men, two women, one couple, the other pair just good friends, all very relaxed and in need of a harmonious evening after a tough week. The only music we had was the wind in the trees, the snap of twigs under our feet, and the crackle of the fire. And, later on, numerous wild animals rustling, squeaking, scampering in the undergrowth. There is something extremely satisfying about making fire, keeping it burning and using it both to cook and as a source of warmth. It creates a tremendous feeling of community. We had steaks, sausages, maybe some grilled veg, beer and wine – wonderfully simple, but so good. The only things that could be described as shenanigans were the (at times) slightly ridiculous caveman-type shows of strength put on by the men in the group as regards fire-laying, lugging of large branches, dragging of stones and such like, and the slightly adventurous individual forays to the improvised toilet facilities after dark…


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4 responses to “December 9 – Party

  1. This sounds perfect. I am thinking a picnic and a hike would be the (other) party I might mention here, that I left out of my equation for my post.

    I love the energy of your description, too.

    Makes me want to be there.

    Grateful I found you today through #reverb10

  2. Jools Cyprien

    I love the sound of that cooking over an open fire, good company good food. Doubt I will get that in Bradford can’t wait till I get to Canada big open spaces.

    • Oh yes, Canada would be wonderful for that, I’m sure (when it’s warm enough, at least!). Do you have a definite timeframe for when you’ll be off?

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