Stress management

The weather’s lousy, I have too much to do and the half of it keeps getting left unattended or unfinished (if not forgotten) as I have the attention span of a goldfish at the moment. This is a patent recipe for STRESS in my case (well, unless I’m very weird indeed, it probably goes that way for other people, too).

Therefore I have decided I MUST take some positive action this weekend. This evening’s likely to be a bit stressful (have to go out, on the bike, in the dark, in this weather, etc.) but I have to remember that I’m spending it with good friends, and that when I arrive home, other good friends will be here to spend the night, if not the weekend. I certainly need to see the benefits of this, and not the stress factors.

Apart from that, I am determined to have some times I can just switch off this weekend, be me, do “me” things, celebrate being me and all the rest. It’s all to easy to forget “me” sometimes, and that’s another sure sign that I’m stressed.

What are your sure-fire ways of combating stress in a realistic way when you’re busy and can’t spend oodles of time or money on it? I’ll be happy to try out a selection of your suggestions and will report back on them next week, hopefully adding them to my repertoire if I find they work well.


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3 responses to “Stress management

  1. Anne-Julie

    Well, I’ve given you some tips already, but one thing that helps me and which doesn’t take a lot of time or money is taking small breaks and consciously focusing on something different. Just sit down, close your eyes and think about something relaxing. Personall, I usually imagine getting into a train and driving through different types of landscape. It’s probably going tone hard at first, because your mind will keep wandering back to work and things you need to get done. Just let it happen and try to steer your thoughts back to nicer thoughts. 5 or 10 minutes should be enough for this mini holiday 🙂

  2. Naps, baths, lying on the floor listening to bass-heavy music with eyes closed, meditation, escapist audiobooks, fingerpainting, sipping hot chocolate as slowly as possible (shot of mead or other enhancement optional), scribbling giant messy mind-map-ish list of what’s on my mind, singing, staring out the window, ignoring the phone, walking while listening to music I associate with a relaxed/happy time, imagining a massage, reading a poem out loud…

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