Ten things I have discovered this week

I’m in a rut. Again. There’s nothing I feel like writing about at length, and I’ve got too much hanging over me at the moment, too many people making demands on my time (in good ways as well as bad, I might point out), for it to be possible to work up enthusiasm for going in search of a new topic. Grr!

However, not updating this blog at least once a week isn’t an option (if you’re wondering why, see here), so I thought I’d try to salvage a few positive or interesting things I’ve discovered during what’s been a rather bitty, messy week. Ten things I have discovered. In no particular order.

1. I can sit, with my feet up, on the rearranged sofa in my new upstairs work area, for HOURS on end without getting uncomfortable. This. Is. Good.

2. Nothing can come close to real vanilla pods for flavouring cakes and desserts, and I love those black speckles as well as the taste!

3. The German word for silicone is Silikon, not Silikone as I thought, while silicon is Silizium. I’m glad I discovered this in an environment where I didn’t make a fool of myself in the process.

4. Buying fresh garlic from the market, in season, before it’s been dried so that the outside skin is papery, guarantees not only a fantastic taste but you can have great fun popping the “naked” garlic cloves out of the covering (providing they don’t pop out straight onto the floor, that is).

5. I have a new favourite word – “omnifiascoid” – courtesy of this article.

6. I like the Bee Gees an awful lot more than I did previously, thanks to the discovery this week of their album “This is Where I Came in”.

7. You can make CAKE out of aubergines!! (See here – haven’t tried it yet, but rest assured you’ll read all about it here, if and when I do).

8. Dogs and barbecues are a BAD mix.

9. The unicorn in the UK Royal Coat of Arms has a chain around its neck, not as decoration or riding reins but for the reason that unchained, it could prove a Very Dangerous Beast.

10. You should never relegate your toolbox to the cellar, as this will immediately lead to things in the flat breaking, screws coming loose and all sorts of other things needing attention.


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2 responses to “Ten things I have discovered this week

  1. Translating “Silicon” with Silikon is a very common mistake. It happens even in translations of computer science textbooks and i consider them to be the worst false friends ever. Even though i know about it, i run into them once in a while.

    • Yes – very bad indeed! In my defence, I would have double-checked if I had been translating something.

      It’s also amazing how many English native speakers don’t realize there’s a difference between “silicon” and “silicone”. Silicon breast implants? No thanks! (Not that I would say yes to silicone ones, necessarily, either 😉 )

      German speakers seem to have a similar problem with “Cellulite” and “Cellulitis”, which are also two totally different things.

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