Just a quick post this week – it was a really mammoth week, one of the busiest I can remember in a long time, but I survived. I’m hoping for rather more peace, sleep and flexibility in the week ahead. Some creative inspiration would be nice, too, though I mustn’t be too greedy, I know…

In a post about herbs that I wrote back in May, I also mentioned some chilli seeds that M had sown. Well, here are some of the results two-and-a-half months later (I think there are two plants in this pot) – I really hadn’t thought that chilli plants could be quite so attractive as they have turned out to be: the blossoms are beautiful! And if you look carefully, you may be able to see that there’s a good crop of chillies coming; in fact, I’ve been quite amazed at how quickly they have developed. I hope they’ll turn red in due course, at which point I’ll take another picture. And then I’ll cook some and dry the rest, and photograph the results. And so on and so forth…



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2 responses to “Success!

  1. Kelly

    Did you know that Chillies are perrenial in their native lands?? If you bring your chillies indoors before the first frost and can keep them in a cool but relatively well lit location, water lighyly, and you may be able to overwinter them. Prune back a little in the Spring and put back outside, your plants will have a nice head start.

    • Thanks for that tip – yes, it would be great to be able to keep it safely indoors over the winter. It should be no problem finding a well lit location for it. I am wondering, though, how big these things grow!

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