Travelling light

There was a time when going on holiday – or even on a day trip – meant packing my photo rucksack full of as many lenses, filters and other bits and bobs as I could carry.

Times have changed. I now have one saddle bag for all my clothes, and another that needs to accommodate my sleeping bag, cooking equipment and camera stuff. This ist smallest camera bag, and it fits inside a cycling helmet with room to spare (I’m just showing you this for scale – it’s not how I’m planning to transport it!).


Yes, I could get a teeny tiny camera or just use the one on my phone, but I do want to be flexible and (maybe) experimental in the pictures I take, so a DSLR it is. It’s my old, smaller one (Canon 300D), simply because it’s light, not worth much now and a little battered as it is. I’ve got my two smallest, lightest lenses (though one has some zoom), one polarizing filter, two batteries, three memory cards. It’ll be enough, I think.



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2 responses to “Travelling light

  1. Kelly S

    The only extra thing I would include is a lens cleaning cloth of some kind.
    Actually what you’re taking is pretty much all I usually take. I have a 70-200 2.8 lens, but it’s ginormous and really heavy. I take it only when I know I’m going to need it. Usually I take my husbands 50mm prime or my 30mm prime, and the kit lens for my 400D. Memory cards are cheap, small, and light so I take as many as I can. I only have two batteries, so I take both.
    Sometimes extra gear is just extra gear.

    • Thanks for the reminder about the lens cloth – I had a couple of lens wipes in there, but not a cloth.

      I’m also taking the original kit lens from the 300D, which is LOTS lighter and possibly in some ways better than the more elaborate multipurpose one; and I’ve packed the 50mm as well as it’s so light and compact.

      Yes, taking several cards is a must as I won’t be taking any additional storage, plus I’ve charged both batteries as we’ll be camping and won’t always have a ready electricity supply.

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