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“Felt” can mean at least two different things. One meaning is the past tense and past participle of the verb “feel”; another is a noun, meaning matted wool fibre. Today featured both.

The day started early thanks to glorious sunshine streaming in through the bedroom window, and I was happy to get up and feel active – watering the plants and pruning the banana tree: the banana-y smell produced by the “bleeding” cutoff points was wonderfully fresh and I felt quite primeval and machete-worthy for a short time at least.

My attempt to make felt out of an old jumper I once knitted but which had become shapeless and bobbly is something I clearly felt (haha!) should have been a success story, but reality determined a different path. I put the sweater in an old pillowcase together with a rough old towel and stuck it on a boil wash, full of hopeful anticipation. So far so good, until at the end of the cycle said bundle was extremely heavy and sodden: too much for the spin cycle. I got it spun in the end, but it hadn’t felted (that word feels wrong!), so I might have to try more drastic measures…

Barely had I finished clearing up the not-so-felting debacle than I needed to get ready to go hiking with friends. We drove to Zaster and walked up the gorge and over a mountain and back down again. Oof!! Gorgeous plant life in evidence, and also on the plus side, I felt more at ease with these friends (originally friends of my ex’s) than I had done previously, and I felt more up to the hike physically than previously, too.

Nevertheless, I was pleased to get home again this evening and cook a yummy post-hike lowcarb dinner of bacon and egg with salad. I can live with that!

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