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Week 1 – furniture exchange

My blog project for 2013 is going to be to document something creative or home-improvement-y for each week of the year. I’m not going to put myself under pressure with deadlines – last year showed that I don’t blog well under pressure – but I’ll try to get something up for each week in due course, even if it’s irregularly…

20130111-184753.jpg Part of the first weekend of 2013 was spent assembling this handsome chest of drawers, courtesy of IKEA (as if you hadn’t guessed). I’d had my eye on it for a while and decided it would make a good Christmas present for the flat, though it was only in the lull after Christmas and the New Year that it seemed a good point to actually get it. You hear endless jokes and horror stories about self-assembly furniture experiences, but I have to say I find putting this kind of thing together surprisingly therapeutic. OK, maybe not in the moment when you open the box and discover the three (!) numbered bags containing a total of what seem like hundreds of screws, rivets, nails and dowelling plugs; but if I’m left in peace to work away, I can usually get the thing assembled without a single hammered thumb, forgotten screw or disgruntled curse (M in fact commented on the latter in particular – I’m a terrible one for turning the air blue when a project doesn’t go to plan).

20130111-185003.jpgThe new bit of furniture has replaced the bookcase containing the cookery books, which has been a great deal less tidy of late than it looks in this picture, so it was rather good to get it out into the hall, where it’s next to the kitchen and not actually in anyone’s way. It in turn has replaced a rather tatty little pine chest of drawers that someone who shall remain nameless spilled a glass of red wine over a while back – the wood is untreated so of course a lovely dark red stain ensued, and it had looked pretty manky ever since – a bit of a disgrace, if truth be told… It has been demoted to the cellar, where it has already been earmarked for storing bits of bike.

The new chest of drawers doesn’t actually have a great deal in it yet – what happened when I cleared the old one was that a lot of the contents were either ready for the bin (including a broken umbrella, some insoles that had gone a bit horrible, a defunct torch and three partnerless gloves), could be stowed away in the cellar or was better stored in the kitchen or bathroom mainly cleaning stuff). Still, it’s nice to have that breathing space for storage, and I bet it’ll be full within a matter of months.


The cupboard from the same range I bought a couple of years ago has become a real feature of the room, so it’s lovely to have something to balance it over on the other side. This earthy red seems to have become one of the dominant colours in the room, and the way it works with the white walls, parquet floor and the other furnishings is just lovely. Well, we think so, anyway! 😉


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Iron Blogger 2012

Well, with my last update having been over eight months ago, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I’ve not been doing too well at this blogging lark over the last while. This is, however, about to change (I hope).

Today I saw this announcement by fellow Freiburg blogger Jochen that he was starting an “Iron Blogger” challenge for local bloggers (see his blog entry for how it works). He’d mentioned it a week or two ago on Twitter and I’d already decided that it might be the right thing for me, as a weekly entry on a subject of my choice seems a much more doable project at present than something daily or restricted to a topic or medium I might not always feel very enthusiastic about (e.g. photography or memes).

I know it’ll be a challenge for me all the same, but I’m going to try to get away from the feeling of obligation to write lengthy, complicated and/or erudite stuff, and I hope that this will in fact enable me to say more about a wider range of things that interest me (and, I hope, you).

I’m also optimistic that it’ll bring a few other Freiburg bloggers out of the woodwork – I can think of several who’ve let their blogs lie fallow of late, and several more who I’d love to see taking this up as a new challenge.

So: watch this space, and I’ll be back again very soon…


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