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My current to-do list

Various friends have been putting their to-do lists on their blogs, generally with the line of thought that some public scrutiny might spur them on better to get things done. Well, let’s see if it works…

As of this morning, I had the following list put together

  • Correct and grade 22 translations
  • Correct 25 phonetic transcriptions
  • Make a start on Christmas shopping (I only have 3 freeish weekends left)
  • Send snailmail to 3 family members
  • Post teabags to someone who commissioned me to bring them from the UK
  • Catch up on clothes laundry
  • Exchange the summer duvets for the winter ones & wash the summer ones
  • Make a salad or bake some finger food for a party tomorrow
  • Get some job-related paperwork done and submitted
  • Send some genealogy data I’d promised someone
  • Take some new self-portraits
  • Sort the pile of post and magazines on the dining table (Got this done in the end, though it took a while!)
  • Go through bathroom cupboards and throw out any “obsolete” items
  • Tidy up my photo library
  • Spend less time online 🙂

Right, watch this space to see whether I actually get all of this done – it looks like a LOT now that I have it all listed. Given that I’m off out to a party tomorrow night and hoping to see the new Bond film on Sunday, I’d best get a move on…


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